UI and UX Design for a side passion project

SVPER is an instant route generator for cyclist. As a cyclist, SVPER lets you discover new routes, save time, and increase safety by removing manual route planning.

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This is a passion project of my husband and me and something we worked on, on the side. My role was to focus on the growth and think about discoverability and driving new customers to the app. 

We did a lot of innitial testing and the idea started from a major pain point that we had a cyclists but also from interviews with a lot of people that were passionate about the space. We tested the idea by running paid ads and then had a beta signup list that we keep running. The goal was to also drive as much organic signups as possible.

The content of these pages was initially done manually, with the idea of having it done automatically in the future using the SVPER app. 


My role

I created sketches, wireframes, and final designs that were then tested using different channels. 

I personally focused on the growth part and with the pages below, I tested picking up organic search traffic, by creating very detailed pages for specific well known cycling regions around the world.


SVPER.come SEO pages designed to drive growth through signups acquired via. organic search.

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