I’m so glad you’re here! I'm Ana LaRue and I'm a designer. I love working on digital experiences that solve problems.

About me

I was born in Austria, grew up in Slovenia, and did most of my studies in the United States. I have a B.A. in Media Communications and M.S. in International Business. I started my career in product marketing and worked for companies like Path & SurveyMonkey. After I moved to San Francisco and saw the world of Product and User Experience (UX) Design, I knew that I want to design digital products, and not just bring them to market. So I started taking design classes, talking to designers, and learned everything I could as a UX designer. I’ve never looked back.

I enjoy working on digital experiences, especially all things mobile. My marketing past taught me a lot about user empathy, user research, growth optimization, and copywriting, which I bring to my designs. I like typography & grid systems. Sometimes I make bean to bar chocolate in my free time.


Contact me at ana.larue@gmail.com

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